Week 9- Moving forward into the New Year

Wow, it is hard to believe that 2015 is almost over. In many ways It has been a year of creativity and development for me. Many new projects and ventures started and some of them abandoned for reasons of focus, or should I say lack of focus.

It is easy at times, to get into the flow of new ideas where things are coming at you quickly and the tendency is to be knee jerk reactive. This last 10 months I have found myself developing several new online digital marketing platforms and involved in a couple of outside product creation ideas. 

The results have been mixed, I have had great success in a couple of them and stumbled through others. The key for me I know is focus. I had been spending way too much time on too many plans and not focusing my intention clearly on one or two. The cost? yes you guessed it equals a loss leader overall.

Fortunately as I wind down this year I have narrowed my field and I am now laser focusing my attention on my foremost intention. It has led me to some great new discoveries about myself, maybe not new, but clearly an affirmation that I need to quit saying yes to every request for assistance outside of my field of focus.

You have heard me use the word focus here many times. It is a much more powerful idea than at times we might give credence to. Clarity of intention and clear directed attention will serve all of us in a much bigger way. Once you lose the distractions and truly get down to what’s important, all of a sudden you have more time to get things done for yourself and be of service to those who need you without losing site of your own goals.

I am genuinely excited for the New Year and my expectations are high.



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One thought on “Week 9- Moving forward into the New Year

  1. Jlaudenslager (@johnlmkmma)

    It has been quite a year. I agree. The Master Key System has helped me focus to a greater degree than normal, though I must admit, I still struggle. Narrowing your focus is truly a key to a great deal of success. That is very true. Thanks for a very “focused ” piece. Take lots of pictures on your journey through the cosmos.



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