Week 9- It ain’t always easy

Keith McCauley (aka) Mac:

It ain’t always easy. A wise man once said “If you do the easy work, your life will be hard but If you do the hard work, your life will be easy” Now is the time for the hard work!

I am sharing a post from a fellow traveler that I felt might be useful and a reminder to many of us that it takes some effort to change, it does not come to all of as easily as it does for some . The focus here for me is that persistence is the key, want it, feel it, believe it and you shall have it! Peace, Mac

Originally posted on ricksmasterkey:

o.k. off the diet big time. Been hanging on by skin of my teeth for 3-4 wks. Been doing great on the exercises, but have not understood more than one or two words of the instruction at all. Have not been able to accurately follow directions to create movie poster, make recordings or figure out the shapes, colors etc. So old blueprint strongly suggested I just hang it up. I considered using the time this week to go back to wk 1 and redo the whole thing. Then I thought NO WAY. I understand it all enough to hang pictures of everything that would have been on a movie poster. Also Hung pictures of thongs I’d like to have or do or go to as well. Got some help with the recording from John Purdue (GREAT GUY IN THE MKMM) kindred spirit I just love this guy. Any way he…

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