Week-8 A Coach Shares His Thoughts

We are now into week 8 of The Master Key Experience and things are really starting to develop for so many of the new members and Lifetime members alike.

Once a person reaches the point in this study where they begin to see that what they desire in life is available and attainable, doors begin to open up for them where there might not have been a door before.

Truthfully the doors have always existed, but for many of us we simply have not had the clarity of vision to see them. As this vision becomes more and more clear with time and practice, many things begin to unfold.

For this weeks member Read Knox it seems as if a long time passion has been revealed through a new set of lenses and a new vigor is enhancing the joy of his gifts.

Is there a greater gift that any of us can share with another human being than that of support, encouragement and our time?

For this coach I think it is very clear that his clarity of vision is becoming laser focused.

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