Week-7 Super Deflector and his sidekick, Kid Chaos

The Deflector

Super Deflector

SD: Good morning Kid Chaos!, how are you this fine and wonderful morning? I am feeling a great sense of anew this morning and my heart and mind are open and ready to receive and give the gift of love to all who I may meet this beautiful day regardless of the brevity of our encounter.

Kid Chaos

Kid Chaos

KC: Holy crap! Super Deflector, what is it with you and your new found attitude? Peace, love and respect for all, what’s that all about? We have wrongs to right, injustices to pummel and maidens to save, lets get back to business as usual.

SD: No can do Kid Chaos… bam!, pow! ha-yaaah, I deflect your negativity. I have found a new path to follow, one that I follow with an open mind and open heart. I look for the good in all mankind and welcome into my heart those who I have transgressed in the past, seeking only understanding.

KC: Wow, Super Deflector I don’t get it, what is all this change in you about? Let’s go kick some chaos ass!

SD: Do not fear Kid Chaos, all will be revealed to you soon enough. I am developing a new reality for you and I, which you will come to understand in your own time!

Whew! This kid is going to be tough! I might want to consider a new sidekick.

Stay tuned, for the next exciting of episode of Super Deflector and his side kick Kid Kharma

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4 thoughts on “Week-7 Super Deflector and his sidekick, Kid Chaos

  1. Joyce

    Talk about using your imagination! This is genius. So much fun to read and still makes a good point. Love it!

  2. Kara

    WOW! What a creative blog that encompasses all the information. I found it very interesting and exciting. Thank you for putting it into a new perspective for me! Go Super Deflector (7-day mental diet)

  3. masterkeyjohns

    Keith that was very entertaining! I’m a great believer in learning while you’re having fun. I did both. MORE PLEASE!

  4. Julia Standish

    Can’t sleep. You’ve been awesome writer for me to read and follow along. At 338am…your cartoons made me laugh. Thank you.


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