Week-6 So Long for Now, Scroll 1

Today I bid a fond farewell to an old friend , this is not goodbye but a brief parting, we shall be together soon enough. Today I am born anew and my journey requires that I must move on. The path I have chosen is laden with opportunity as I set forth to savor the glorious fruits of wisdom along the way. I will carry my old friend in my heart as I navigate the perilous waters I must cross in order to discover the new shores that await me.

There will be no tears nor self-pity at our parting for I know through experience also known as history that our relationship is based in principle and akin to habit. Ours has been a relationship which has brought much pleasure and therefore a joy to maintain. No matter where my journey leads me or where my final destination may be, we shall meet again and he shall be with me to the end.


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7 thoughts on “Week-6 So Long for Now, Scroll 1

  1. earch2014

    Pity no, but tears are a part of love and acknowledging the dualism, yes?
    It seems in the compensation essay we embrace the all. This isn’t consistent with some other readings, but it allows for the shifting I embrace. i love dialogue if anyone has a response.

  2. Julia Standish

    I didn’t realize that words are so expressed so much. I broke a tear as I didn’t really put to words as you did on moving on to the next Scroll.
    Thank you.
    I look forward to traveling this journey with you.
    My heart connects.

  3. masterkeyjoycen

    I felt much the same way you do, as if I’m leaving an old friend. Yet, I have friends I haven’t seen for a long time, yet we still remain friends. Beautifully expressed.

  4. Kara

    Bye Scroll 1 you will be missed, but you are right that we will all be together soon, and we have to continue moving forward. Life always moves forward and it is the only way to accomplish our dreams and desires.


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