Week 5 Yum or Yuck? Hmm, which to choose

This years adventure into the “Master Keys” has been an invigorating and inspiring trek. We have just wrapped up week five and I continue to be inspired and learn from all of the new members who are truly putting forth the effort to change and effect their lives in a positive manner.

One such individual is Phil Sykes. Phil is a creative thought provoking student of the “Keys” and is demonstrating his willingness to dig deep into this course and create a new reality by simply changing the way he thinks. Hmm? sounds easy enough right?

Here is short excerpt from Phil’s humorous side. Caution; not to be taken lightly.

“If I am to be addicted to peptides… why not make them peptides that make me feel exceptionally, joyously happy.

“I can be what I will to be”…takes on new meaning for me. Choose the thoughts and the feelings, That’s Awesome news.

It’s like I have just discovered a new cookbook for the most exquisite peptide recipes in the universe, …on sale now at your nearest consciousness center. The ingredients for the recipes are already within you. But the highest quality ingredients are not free. Neither is shipping and handling… So, What have you chosen for dinner? YUM…or YUCK!

It’s Unanimous…I can be what I will to be…DO it now, do IT now, DO IT NOW!”

Welcome to Peptide-o-holics, Unanimous.

Enjoy the rest of Phil’s blog here

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