Week-4 The Gift Of Ancient Thoughts, Does a Smile Count?

I received an extraordinary gift today, after my reading of lesson # 4 of the Master Key. In previous exercises, I have been relatively successful at sitting quietly and being still, eliminating all thoughts of doubt, fear or troublesome worries and letting my body and mind completely relax.

Today however, everything changed for me. As I sat enjoying the cosmic light show that goes on behind my eyes while getting into the rhythm of “I” the most amazing thing started to happen. I began to feel a warm glow at my core which slowly turned to a brilliant amber-colored sphere of light inside of me at my midsection. Suddenly, like a flood out of no where I was overwhelmed with ancient thoughts of my past, wonderful thoughts of family, friends and events in my life, all which had left a positive or joyous impression on my subconscious mind.

To know me, you would need to understand that, these are thoughts that I have had no recollection of for decades, buried deeply in my subconscious mind. Just as I have been unable to enjoy dreams for so long now, I do not recall the wondrous pleasures that they used to bring to me in years past. This event was truly startling to me, these thoughts and images came flooding back into my mind as if they were yesterday, I immediately began to smile, a smile which brought me tremendous pleasure, I must have been smiling from ear to ear but I was still in my zone.

At last these wonderfully warm impressions subsided and I began to awake to my conscious mind, when allĀ  at once, a thought came to me that made me laugh out loud. My first thought as I came back to the surface of my conscious mind was of Haanel and Mark J. telling all of us in the first week that while we are learning to be still we can not fidget or even scratch our noses, we must master control of our bodies! before we can master our minds!..

I am still laughing at this question, I wonder if a smile counts? Peace, Mac

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8 thoughts on “Week-4 The Gift Of Ancient Thoughts, Does a Smile Count?

  1. kathyseys

    Awesome post. don’t you just love when that happens? sometimes it is without any difficulty at all and I can just sit…and it can go on for almost an hour…then the next day – fidgety. However, during those times when all is well, I can truly relate to what you experienced. A little piece of heaven surrounds you. May it continue more and more. God Bless.

  2. earch2014

    Good question Mac! A great read and a great experience. It seems you thoroughly enjoyed those special moments.

    I too have wondered about the smallest of movements. I definately would keep the smile within the sit!

    What is your Big Day?

  3. masterkeymac393

    Do you remember the primal scream you let out driving to lake Roosevelt . It inspired my last blog. Silence Dana was sleeping Evan was probably 8 months old and sleeping. You stuck your head completely out the window while driving and screamed for no reason. Dead silence to primal good memory… I think


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