Week-4 A Brilliant Life’s Lesson

This week,

I am pleased to be able to post one of our members blogs that is really digging in to get the most out of this experience. Clearly he is doing the work, and soon he will be reaping all of the rewards the Universe has in store for him. Here is a short excerpt from his blog post;

“Subby has a tendency to instantly make us feel a certain way in a certain situation, or carry on run-away thoughts on auto-pilot. We must be aware of this, and over-ride the default with our own conscious choice. Its like a never ending game of tug-o-war. But once we DECIDE what we’re about, and the subby starts taking notice, it will become the greatest friend we have..”

As Another Great Story teller often said, And Now, The Rest Of The Story-

Check it out hereThe 3X Reading Is Becoming Habit!

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