Week-3 The Vault

The Vault is without measure, it is infinite in proportion. Without the key, to even begin to grasp the enormity of the door to the vault is beyond the comprehension of mankind.

It is only through my daily consumption of the words in the scrolls and the constant development of good and proper habits that I will define the principles necessary for me to realize my bliss. I have begun my new journey with “neither the weight of unnecessary knowledge or the handicap of meaningless experience” My heart and mind are open to the possibilities and I commit myself 100% to the achievement of my goals and desires.

I do not fear nor do I stress about how I shall complete these goals, the key has taught me that the attainment of all objects of my desire will be presented to me in some form of practical application when the finite and the Infinite are one.

I have just now opened the door to this Vault and peering inside I begin to understand that it is not necessary for me to know it’s limitless dimension, It is only necessary for me to understand how to access it. There is a light shining brightly beyond my horizon, a light as bright as the sun, I will continue forward on my journey in search of this light and when I arrive at my true horizon, I will bask in it’s glow, because I know now it must truly be a sight to behold.

Stay the course, Mac

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