Week 3- Being The Observer Of Your World Is A Powerful Gift

Once again,

I find myself in awe of the discoveries that new members are finding out about themselves as they learn to become the observer in their own lives. At times it causes me to pause and reconsider my own life.

The ripple effect caused by their awakening will be an experience in their lives, their family’s lives and those around them that will be immeasurable, and have no logical end.

Learning to Become an observer is just one of the many gifts that members receive as they embark on their journey of self discovery through the “Master Key Experience”. While it may seem self evident to some, many of us have been mired in the muck for so long we are unable to see the light around us or find and understand the gifts of greatness we all possess.

Then one day, in one moment in time, we are inexplicable y presented with an opportunity that causes us to redirect our mindset, and suddenly a piece of that old cement begins to crumble and fall away. Such is the case for Dave Reyes, check it out for yourself.

Peace, Mac

the past the future


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One thought on “Week 3- Being The Observer Of Your World Is A Powerful Gift

  1. Grace McCarthy

    HI Keith, nice blog. Here we are again but with a different hat on. It’s a phenomenal learning experience being on the Guide side. Regards, Grace


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