Week 20- The Past Is A Blast!

How are fear, guilt, anger, unworthiness and hurt feelings great tools for expanding the comfort zone?

Fear, Guilt, Anger, Unworthiness and Hurt Feelings; The simple act of contemplating these emotions and how they have affected, directed and impacted so many events in my life seems to bring up a million questions for me. As I sit quietly and study them individually I recall certain moments where each of them has had a major influence in my life. I find it freeing to be able to look back and analyze or Focus on how it truly made me feel at the time, I realize today because of the MKMMA I could attach any other thought, feeling or emotion and maybe feel a little better about those past moments in time but I would rather recall how I actually felt at the time and how those feelings were responsible for charting some of the course direction in my life, some good some not so good, either way I have the opportunity to look back, adjust and determine for myself how I can use that feeling and that moment as a positive for my future self, I am the master of my emotions and I decide.

Don’t Leave The Past Behind, Don’t live in it, Learn from it!

nothing goes away
yesterdays junk

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3 thoughts on “Week 20- The Past Is A Blast!

  1. Gregory Nyberg

    Crazy how those negative little feelings can “bump” us off our path, leading us astray from our true purpose in life. I just need to keep reminding myself that knowledge doesn’t apply its self. Just a simple act of changing my thoughts.

  2. Ilona

    What a beautifully written blog, Keith – and how awesome you can tie the connections between your feelings and your choices and how you make a change!!! Thanks for sharinG! Keep up the great work!


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