Week-2 There are only two types of people!

To be, or not to be, that is the question. My heart is telling me one thing and my subconscious is saying another. I will rely on a few new suggestions I have been given by fellow travelers on this journey, in an effort to build better stronger habits, new habits which will help me resist the old mindset, habits that will replace the old ways of thinking that have not served me. First I will be aware that resistance is real, both in its ability to derail you and in its power to put you back on track. Secondly, when I am faced with negative resistance, I will take a moment and look inward for guidance. It is in that special place where, I am able to clearly see the outcome of my choices.

Yes, there are only two types of people who started on this journey and as for me, I choose to finish. It is my sincerest wish that you also finish.

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5 thoughts on “Week-2 There are only two types of people!

    1. keithmccauley

      Oh boy, talk about rebooting, I have 58 years of hardwired stuff in my head to clean out, hell I may have to install an entirely new hard drive if I can figure out what that actually is.

  1. kathymsmasterkey

    I can really relate to the “noise” in my head and the battle between my conscious and subby. I applaud you for braving it in order to go within and discover all your greatness, Work it is and the rewards are far greater than if you hadn’t decided to find out more about you. Wishing you much success!


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