Week-19 The Power of Fear

Until about 6 months ago I thought I understood what it meant to be an “Observer”my how things can change. I know that we are all surrounded by or exposed to more negativity than probably any other time in history due to all of the available outlets that pelt us daily. In a recent conversation with my son who is also working on his future self, we talked for some time on just how deeply imbedded the old blueprint truly can be. Both of us have experienced several inexplicable events since starting our journeys and we know that they are the direct result of the power within.

As we talked and continued to reflect on those events and the changes we were both feeling we asked each other simultaneously the same question, if we know that the power is within and we can increase our power of understanding and improve ourselves through consistent focused thought! why in the hell is it so difficult to break the cycle of on again off again in the process of these exercises? I don’t think either one of us came up with an answer we could appreciate or take to task, but we both knew that it was a victory just in asking the question of ourselves, it truly was a breakthrough. The take away for both of us is that we have experienced wonderful events and have seen tremendous changes in ourselves and many around us, I think for the two of us that is enough for right now to stay committed and stay the course.

I believe we both decided that the benefits we have seen far out way the the actions of the past and for that I am grateful. Peace, Mac

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