Week-18 The gifts we leave behind

I remember when my mother passed away in 2000 and being at her funeral service. I knew this woman who had raised me, fed me and worked tirelessly to give her children what they needed.

I knew she was a giving woman who would help a stranger without a second thought. What I did not realize was just how much of an impact she had on so many peoples lives.

As I gathered with my father and brothers and sister the chapel began to fill. First with many familiar faces of friends and family some I had not seen in many years. I had been to other funerals over the years and allmost all of them had a pretty good turn out to say goodbye to the departed or support the families.

What I was not expecting while I sat there that day with my Dad was the shear numbers of people who I did not know, faces continued to pile into to the little chapel until it was lietrally overflowing.  The minister began and ended with the usual sentiments about the departed and then asked if anyone would like to speak. 

We have all been there for those awkward moments when no one wants to start right? Well that lasted for about 10 seconds when a young lady stood up, someone I did not know and started to talk about my mother having saved her life and supported her with love, kindness and new clothes when she was just a child and how that had forever changed her and her outlook on life. 

Then suddenly people were standing by the dozens waiting to share their story about how my mother had been a major influence in their lives. When it was over, I was left  feeling stunned for not realizing the impact my mother had made on so many lives that I was completly unaware of. 

Later that day as we were leaving the service, my best friend remarked to me “Wow I have never seen so many people stand up for anyone like that”

I remember talking to my Dad about this that evening after things quieted down and how I felt about my ignorance of all the people mom had helped. With his head slightly bowed, he looked up at me and smiled and said ” Son, I was married to the woman for 43 years and I did not always know what she was up to. That was your mom, quietly going about her day and finding folks who needed a hand in one way or another, it was her gift”

I would like to share another story about an extraordinary person written from a members perspective. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Check it out here.



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4 thoughts on “Week-18 The gifts we leave behind

  1. Rex Peterson

    Thank you Keith. I find it interesting how we can actually know so little about someone we THINK we know. It makes me wonder about us. Do I really know me? As the cement continues to come loose I see potential, kindness, love that I didn’t realize existed. Thank you for shepherding me down this path!

    1. Keith Post author

      I appreciate your kind words Rex but it is you who is doing the shepherding. Your story brought back a flood of emotions and remembrances for me. Dana and I are receiving the gifts of many by being connected to the members. Mahalo

  2. Pamela

    Thanks, Keith “Mac”, for sharing this touching story about your mom. I am so sorry for your loss; however, it brings me great joy to know that her selfless efforts were well remembered. Shouldn’t we all leave a legacy like that. Blessings.

    1. Keith Post author

      Hey Pamela,

      Thanks for reaching out. Yes reading Rex’s story reawakened some of those feelings I had during that time about my Mom. It is a reminder for me to really make an effort to not only be in someones life but to try and truly understand who they are and what special gifts they have.



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