Week 14- The Blessings are many if you are paying attention!

Just a short story today about an encounter I had the other day.

So, Dana and I stop in to do a little shopping the other day and as I am getting out of my car at Costco I am somewhat distracted by all of the activity of the crowds gathered for the after the holidays rush to get some great deals or return the things they did not want or need.

As I am walking toward the entrance, Dana says to me hey aren’t you going to give that guy a hand? I continue walking a few more steps clearly lost in my own sauce when her question finally sinks in, Huh?  I say as I glance around and see an older man trying to lift a fully loaded banana box filled with his groceries out of his cart.

I ask him if I can give him a hand and he gladly accepted my offer. You know! he says with great conviction, I just turned 90 yesterday and these things are starting to get to be heavy, we laughed and chatted for a few moments. As I was starting to walk away he thanked me for my assistance and I hollered back to him, God bless you! He replied, “He already has that’s how I got to be 90″

That brief encounter with a total stranger has left me with a feeling of grace and complete gratitude all week and has once again reminded me to keep my eyes open for the possibilities and opportunities to be grateful in everything I do.  It seems I needed him much more than he needed me, how awesome is that. Mac


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One thought on “Week 14- The Blessings are many if you are paying attention!

  1. Sarah Horne

    Keith, thank you for sharing. Such a powerful reminder…let’s not forgot I want to be lifting my boxes at Costco still when I’m 90-that’s amazing! Mahalo!


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