Week 13- Who Wins?

I never thought of my subject lines for compareson until Mark dug deep and elucidated the value of daily persistence, habit, and the kalidescope benefit of frequent flipping our cards to install our wanted images into our conscience just like the casinos do to amass their obscene fortunes on a daily basis.  As you know Las Vegas and other casinos throughout the world all utilize the same concepts and formulas  daily to build massive fortunes by flipping cards, flipping their dice games, and doing he same flipping of their machines continually on a daily basis of procedures and practices. That to me is the casinos hidden subby. That is a proven record of success and our MKMMA SUBBY is waiting to do the same for us if we keep our promises. Every day I shall come up with 3 greatful situations to write on my cards, build a progression of cards, frequent flash and flip them in their different piles, and search for gratitude triggered by my thoughts and the thoughts of others.   I am greatful for Mark, the fabulous fabulous Davene, and my guide, as I am finally giving birth and beginning to repair and anchor my new beginning and search for my MKMMA SUBBY which is impatiently waiting for me with open arms when I do the right uncovering of the open door before me.

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