Week-12 Clarity from Black and White to HD baby!

Not really sure what happened to me, but man o man what an experience I had while I was sitting quietly with my¬† thoughts today. Everything up to this point has been portrayed in black and white while focusing in my mind about my future self, my “I” if you will.

Today was truly different, as I sat quietly contemplating my vision I was able to experience it on a whole new level. It all started out in the black and white norm, I had clarity of thought and intention, but the longer I sat the deeper and deeper into my vision I went, when suddenly everything changed from still shots and pieces of an impression to a full on High Definition color video with audio playing inside my head.

The audio I realized quickly was me talking to my group in a training session and helping define our objectives as a team, from there I was socializing with some old friends aboard Bold Venture 2 as an entirely new persona, my future self. The intensity of the dialogue and the color version of my thoughts was really overwhelming and left me feeling refreshed, energized and grateful.

I would love to hear from anyone else who has had this experience, it was a real game changer for me. Peace, Mac

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