Week-11 Trusting (aka) Faith

The last few weeks I have been witness to a myriad of thoughts, back dropsĀ  and conversations in my mind that I am unable to explain to any one including myself. While I have not been able to tie them all together in a way that I can garner a clear picture of understanding, they all seem to be leading to one inexorable conclusion, things are changing in my life.

For the very first time in my life, I am learning to trust in something that is totally intangible in the moment. I can not touch it or wrap my arms around it, but it is as real as anything I have ever held in my hands, it scares me a little because I honestly have no idea yet what to do with it or how to use it or even begin to control it, but it is a force that no one can argue with, not even me.

Every decision I have made in my past has been based on my belief that I could control the outcome from without by using external elements and influences which I thought I had some understanding and control over, however I realize now that there never was any real control. Today I am placing full faith in the life force of the Universe and trusting with proper application of Universal Law which states that, if it is right thinking and does not take any one else s good and serves the best interest of the whole that, what I need, want or desire will be provided without the requirement of my understanding of where and how it will manifest itself, only that it will.

That knocks me back on my heels. Mac


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2 thoughts on “Week-11 Trusting (aka) Faith

  1. John Purdue

    Hi Keith, Isn’t it great that we can reach out to the Universe and it gives to us, even without a full comprehension of what, how, why, etc. The good news is it seems to be more efficient when we become more efficient in proclaiming our desires. Thanks for the post and thanks for posting on time.

  2. masterkeyjohns

    Keith, thanks for reminding me of the mysterious and awesome power of Thought and the World Within. You’re right – trying to manipulate the World Without is a waste of time, but pure-hearted intention, backed by purposeful feeling – that is not only powerful, it is powerful because it has source, direction and meaning. Thanks for sharing!


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