Week-10 Reflection

As we approach the end of 2014 I have had some time to reflect on the past several years in my life, actually a whole lot of years. While I have had my ups and downs in life as everyone does and still continue to struggle with my old blueprint from time to time, I realize that over the last two months a seed of change has begun to sprout in me and I have been witness to a radical change in my life.

I feel for the first time in my life that I have a road map to follow, I am still unclear as to where this journey will lead me or where I might end up but knowing there is a plan to follow has brought me great comfort. Gone are the goal statements, resolutions, wishes, hopes and day dreams of yesterday, today I am focusing on Universal resonance, collaboration and principles which I now know will endure, as Og Mandino writes.

Yes, there is a seed starting to sprout in me and while it is small and fragile today, I know that with a consistent, persistent effort and careful nurturing it will grow tall and strong. It is my wish for all of you as we approach the end of this year and move forward into the next, that you also find your map which will guide you on your own journey. Peace, Mac


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2 thoughts on “Week-10 Reflection

  1. John Reilly

    Hi Keith, I can relate to you comments about the seed starting to sprout, and the way the old blueprint likes to put in it’s appearance from time to time. I guess that it’s a blessing to know, that we are nurturing ourselves with good mental food, to give that seed what it needs to make it big and strong. And as I say to the guy in the glass, ‘you are improving every day’!


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