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Success logoAn article by Norman Miller, Gen X contributor

It was Saturday May 19, 2018, I sat working at my kitchen table having my morning coffee and contemplating the next great subject I could be writing about that would get me that Pulitzer I have been dreaming about for so long, as I rifled through all of my old field notes, resource books and contact lists I had accumulated over the last 15 years I was coming up empty-handed and my head was starting to hurt. I started to get up from the table for another cup of Joe when a business card fell out of one of my contact ledgers.

The card was worn and slightly yellow from age, as I studied the card a smile began to blossom on my face. I sat for a few minutes and reminisced on those early years as a young man just out of high school thinking about what University I would like to attend and what possibilities lay ahead for me. It was in those early years that I met Keith, I went to work for him out of high school and thought I might enjoy learning to become a professional woodworker. I did not have any experience, but I had a desire to learn the craft. I still remember Keith telling me then, that the only things required were a basic aptitude for the hand tools, a general respect for machinery and a real desire to learn the skills of the craft, my smile widened.

I picked up my cordless telephone and punched in the number on the card, had it really been fifteen years? could this still be his number? what do I say?, Would he even remember who I was? The phone rang twice, then on the third ring I heard a voice say hello! I quickly said, good morning is this Keith McCauley? pause, this is Norman Miller!, there was another short pause and then, Norman Miller!, how the hell are you? Did you ever find a University worthy of your talents?, he asked.

Keith was a fair man to work for, a bit of a perfectionist with an Irish temper that could show up seemingly out of know where, but overall I enjoyed working for him and I think he enjoyed teaching me what he knew. He would say to me, when you have learned it well do not be afraid to share what you know, the world needs more craftsmen. But alas, I had the itch to get back to school and pursue my dream of becoming a writer and a journalist, so after a couple of years under Keith’s tutelage I gave my notice and left for parts unknown.

We talked for close to an hour that morning, exchanging stories of our lives and families and talking about the early years where I learned an appreciation for the ability to transform raw materials into small works of art.

When I asked Keith what he was doing with himself these days, I was somewhat shocked to learn that he was no longer building furniture or doing projects professionally, he started to laugh out loud and stated that he was an over age perpetual student continuously learning the keys to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He said that about two and half years earlier he had discovered an incredible opportunity which he referred to as the Master Key Master Mind Alliance which involved a 26 week study program based on the book The Master Key System by Charles Haanel, written in 1912 .

He went on to tell me that the experience was based on mans ability to connect with the Life Source of the Universe and that once we had learned the skills required, it would be revealed to all who pursue it. He told me that this newly acquired skill he had discovered had not only completely transformed his life and his families life but also hundreds of people he had embraced and come to know personally along the pathway of his journey.

I was drawn in like a moth to the flame, for years now I have been looking for answers to questions of my own, though still they elude me, I needed to know more. I had previously read much of the Master Key, but I found no answers there, what was I missing? We set a date to meet for Monday the 28th, where he told me he would be unveiling his latest achievement, I could tag along and we would talk some more about how as he said, this revelation had changed his entire being and outlook on life. Stay tuned, for the rest of the story.





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