keith profileI am a serial entrepreneur and master woodworker, a creator of all object’s de’ wood (aka) a wood butcher. I am a husband of 30 years married to my beautiful wife the Dynamic Dana, a father to two wonderful sons, and a beautiful daughter. I am also the grandfather of an extraordinary child named Iely. My pen name Mac is in honor of my late grandfather Marshall (Mac) Eugene McCauley. I am a student of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, my life goal is to help others find their Bliss in life.

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  1. Greg

    Hi Keith,
    Just interested to read your story as I have a similar one. I am a wood “butcher” myself, am 30 years married, have a wonderful daughter & 2 fantastic sons & a new grandson of 4 months named Ryder who has brought much joy as our first grandchild.
    I have just been looking over the MKMMA sight tonight hoping I might be on the list & checking out some of the trainers & read your story.

    1. Keith Post author

      Welcome Greg,

      Glad you could be here. Similar stories indeed. Tell me, you said you were looking over the site and checking to see if you were on the list. Does that mean that you got all of your application submitted? We should see the complete list by around 8PM PST today, with a few adjustments here and there.

      I hope you got in as well, I have many friends who have wanted to take this course and asked me to keep them informed which I have. However, one of them just last night asked how she could pay her dollar and fill out an application. It was sad to tell her she waited too long and it was closed.

      Good to hear from you Greg, keep in touch.


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