8-21-15 Looking Back On My Master Key Experience


Are You ReadySome Kinda Sick Twisted Mind Game Or What?

“That’s when it hit me, Davene and crew must be using some sort of subliminal mind melding tactics that will cause you to get you off your butt and take action without you even realizing what is happening to you. This sort of thing if left unchecked could lead to a worldwide intolerance of procrastination, watch out you  might be next”.

Above is an excerpt from one of my earlier blogs after starting my journey through the Master Key Experience almost a year ago now. Yes I was having a little bit of fun when I wrote that post at the time.

Looking back now, I had no idea what an incredible impact the Master Key Experience and this new found understanding would have on my life. Through this course I have come to understand my connection to Universe and how to access the limitless flowing source of all that exists. Once I understood and accepted that, we are all “Natures Greatest Miracle” every door has opened and every barrier that ever stood before me is gone.

What this course is not!

If you are considering an application to qualify for a $ 1.00 Scholarship or simply looking into the Master Key Experience for the first time. I want you to know a few things about it. I want you to know what it is not.

  • This course is not another self help diatribe about how your life sucks and you need to buy our book or DVD in order to do something about your life program!

There is nothing for sale here!

  • This course is not another self help session put on by some self righteous Guru who has not done a damn thing in his or her life except become really good at self promotion and preying on individuals who are looking for some help or answers in their lives.
  • This course is not a religious based training. It neither accepts nor rejects anyone’s religious or personal beliefs, this is about your journey and all are welcome.
  • This course is not about filling you with a bunch of bullshit to make you feel better about yourself temporarily.
  • And Finally, this course is not easy, but I promise you it is absolutely worth every ounce of energy and every minute of time that you put into it.

What this course is and what it has meant to me over the last year.

  • It is about self discovery and hands on support to guide, not direct you on your journey. It will challenge and change everyone who accepts a scholarship. It is based on humankind’s understanding of our connection to universal power as well as empirical science that simply cannot be refuted.
  • Most of this information has never been taught in a self directed manner. However this course will lay out the entire foundation for you.
  • This course has taught me that even after 59 years of living and stacking up some accomplishments in my life, in business, marriage, family, friends, and community that, I have so much more to experience and give than I ever thought possible.
  • This course has taught me how to harness the gift of power within that we were all born with at the Miracle of our birth, but that power has been buried by the constant barrage of humanities idea of what our lives should be and look like from the first breath we take.
  • For most of us it has been buried deep in our core for so many years now, that not only do we not recognize it, we do not know how to begin to tap into it. This course will show you exactly how to do that.
  • Through this course I have learned how to unlock the Universal Vault and access the ever flowing stream of energy that is “all” and in everything. I have been given the tools necessary to begin to be able to chip off and break away from all of that old cement that has been suffocating me years.
  • This course will teach you, guide you and give you the tools to become a truly self directed thinker and thought leader. When you accept and understand that you are Natures Greatest Miracle, the power of the Universe is yours and you will have the knowledge to change anything and everything around you in your life. By unlocking the power of your subconscious mind you will create a connection to the life source of everything in the Universe.

My wish for you is that you find the courage to take the next step and spend some time with the information on this site, then sign up to get on the Scholarship list. My hope for you is that you take this Hero’s Journey for yourself.

I promise you, your life will never be the same!

Peace, Mac


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