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Week 5 MKE – Lessons from a nearly reformed expert

O·pin·ion noun

  1. a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

      “I’m writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance”

      Synonyms:     belief, judgment, thought(s), (way of) thinking, mind (point of) view,  

      viewpoint, outlook, attitude, stance, position, perspective, persuasion, standpoint

     – the beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing.

       “the    changing climate of opinion”

      – an estimation of the quality or worth of someone or something. “I had a higher opinion of

         myself than I deserved”

Through participation in The Master Key Experience, we are challenged in week 5 to have no opinions and to practice skills of the Observer.  This our third year participating in MKE and the timing of the exercise this year is quite interesting (there really is no such thing as a coincidence). 

Becoming the Observer is a vital step to recognizing our internal dialogue that precedes our outbursts and judgements.  This exercise will help us build stronger neuropathways as we practice R2A2.

Recognize: to identify the principle, idea, or technique

Relate: to connect or join together; to establish a relationship to your own life

Assimilate: to make similar or alike: to incorporate; to absorb; to become a part of your thinking and action

Apply: follow through and act upon

Each step in this formula is important, but when combined become powerful.  By using the formula, you will be able to focus the spotlight on the Success Principles that directed and guided Napoleon Hill and many other successful people to achieve their objectives.  Source: PMA Science of Success. Educational Edition. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1984. Pgs. x-xi.

Becoming the Observer requires we develop a heightened awareness of the thoughts that arise from our ego when we mentally compare ourselves to others.   A good Observer must take pause, be neutral, mindful, in the moment, and cognizant that there is a choice in how one responds.  “When I am tempted to criticize I will bite on my tongue.”  Source: The Greatest Salesmen in the World. Og Mandino, Scroll II.

 Becoming the Observer is not easy and may cause some uncomfortable feelings.  We’ve heard people say, I can’t go without my phone for a week.”  So, how about this?  Can you go without having an opinion for a week?

 Peace on your journey,

Week 1- The Golden Buddha, What does it really mean?

This week’s post is from my beautiful wife “The Dynamic Dana” I think many of the men in the Master Key Key Experience are following Mark J’s lead here and coming up with a super powers name for their beloveds. For all of you ladies out there who may not have recieved a super powers nick name from loved one yet, don’t let that slow you down, get started and come up with one on your own. Who is more deserving than you, right?

If you are ready to test the waters, try this link here

And Now

The Story of the Golden Buddha

Centuries ago there existed a Golden Buddha.  Scholars are unsure of its origin, but the story seems to be historically true.  At some point, the statue was covered in clay, camouflaging its beauty in a thick layer of plaster to prevent it from being stolen by invaders. The statue remained hidden and undiscovered among the ruins of the country. 

Centuries later, the plaster covered Buddha was moved to a new location.  There are a variety of accounts of what happened next, but what is clear is that in an attempt to place the “plaster statue” upon its new pedestal, it fell to the ground and pieces of the plaster began to chip off, allowing  the golden surface underneath to be seen.  Hours later, with all the plaster and clay removed, the Buddha made of solid gold was revealed, precious on all accounts.

Suddenly the statue was seen of high worth, considered to be a priceless treasure. But how? It was not the Buddha that had changed, it was simply the perception of the object.

The Golden Buddha now resides in Thailand and every year millions of visitors go to see this magnificent work of art and worship.

Imagine…it may have never been uncovered, yet…..

The parable ….

Like the Buddha, we are all perfection upon conception and at birth.  Life’s circumstances along with well-meaning family members, teachers, and even religious leaders unintentionally have applied layers of plaster upon us over the years in an effort to protect us from perceived dangers, and we have accepted this as our reality. Moreover, the plaster is thick and heavy and often we simply are drawn down by the weight of it and lay in ruins because at times it just seems to be too much.

Awakening of our bliss moves us like the Buddha to a new foundation where we can begin to chip away at the clay.  This is the Master Key Experience!

At times you will need great courage to continue your journey.  There may be tears, perceived losses, and even discomfort.

This awakening can sometimes be painful.  As one sheds the plaster, at times the gold that peaks from beneath is so bright it is frightening, even blinding, but with persistence the awe and splendor will push us forward and towards our bliss (our inward existing perfection) ~ a journey that will take us us from self-criticism to self-acceptance and love.

The beauty inside you has always been there, but we need tools to chisel away the layers of muck, and this is what the Master Key Experience gives us.  Sometimes the task will seem easy, at times impossible.  Like a marathon runner we must train and exercise.  Do the work, keep your tools sharp, and persist onward.  In the beginning, the finish line may seem far off in the distance, but with persistence you will arrive. So giddy up and go get the gold that is within you!

Imagine what you will disover…..

Peace and love,