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Week 13- Who Wins?

I never thought of my subject lines for compareson until Mark dug deep and elucidated the value of daily persistence, habit, and the kalidescope benefit of frequent flipping our cards to install our wanted images into our conscience just like the casinos do to amass their obscene fortunes on a daily basis.  As you know Las Vegas and other casinos throughout the world all utilize the same concepts and formulas  daily to build massive fortunes by flipping cards, flipping their dice games, and doing he same flipping of their machines continually on a daily basis of procedures and practices. That to me is the casinos hidden subby. That is a proven record of success and our MKMMA SUBBY is waiting to do the same for us if we keep our promises. Every day I shall come up with 3 greatful situations to write on my cards, build a progression of cards, frequent flash and flip them in their different piles, and search for gratitude triggered by my thoughts and the thoughts of others.   I am greatful for Mark, the fabulous fabulous Davene, and my guide, as I am finally giving birth and beginning to repair and anchor my new beginning and search for my MKMMA SUBBY which is impatiently waiting for me with open arms when I do the right uncovering of the open door before me.

Week-12 Focus On Your Intention

On this 12th week through the keys, we are beginning to see some magnificent changes  all around us. Some are subtle some are bold but they are changes non the less. Many members are starting to awaken to the realization that they can have more in their lives.

It all sounds simple enough on an intellectual level, but what does it really mean to focus your thoughts on a definite desire? For one such member these changes are beginning to happen and will start having a profound impact on his journey because he has begun to develop the faith necessary to believe he is capable of all things and responsible for all outcomes in his own life.

The Universe delivers to each of us in exacting measure that which we focus our thoughts on. If your intention is clear and just it will provide abundance in all positive manner. The takeaway  here for me is be sure to focus your attention on your intention.


Read more from Phil here;

Master Key WEEK 12: Knowledge, Courage and Faith

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Don't like where you are

Jim Rohn once said, ”  If you don’t like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree.”

We get to make the choice to MOVE in a different direction, to a new place or to a higher level of consciousness. What a discovery?

We each have inside of us the same substance as the Infinite. In our current state, we catch glimpses of that spiritual, creative substance every once in a while that leaves us pondering about if there is more to our life than what we currently know. The adventure of a lifetime begins as we take a deep breath and cross the threshold, exploring the power that comes from connection with the unseen, as we access the subconscious.

I am of the firm Belief ( Thought + Feeling ) that I am offspring of the Universal and made of the same stuff. Because that is true, I possess potential to recognize and tap into omnipotence, or power. You and I have been endowed with power to connect with that Universal power.  The laws by which the Universal operates are predictable and  not random. But, we must learn what that power is, how to channel it and for what definite purpose.

Learning about power has happened on several levels in my life.

I learned about the power of electricity though an educational, if not necessarily uplifting, experience early in my life. Last Blog was my ‘Flash Powder Makeover”. Today… a little more re-volting!

Crisis + Time = Humor

…Family Picnic on a sunny Saturday at a Conservation Area outside the city of Toronto… Three older brothers, 5 + years my senior,  who ignored me most of the time, call me to come play with them… I am 4 years old…I run to them, delighted to be included… They are in the tall grass next to a farm field bordering the Conservation area. A herd of cows, blissfully graze on  rich fodder on the other side of the fence.  I don’t see signs,  just cows… ‘Are we playing with the cows?’ They are holding hands… odd… but, I’m 4 and ready to play the game, whatever it is… ‘Hold my hand ‘, says Ray, making me fourth in line… Oldest, Bill grabs the fence with his open hand… Yowsa…. What the heck just happened?… Where did that jolt come from?…What do you mean, an electric fence? … Why are you laughing?…I don’t want to play this game any more…. ‘MOM!!!’….doppler effect…………….

Electric Fence

Do you have knowledge of your Power!

One of things I love about the Master Key Experience is rediscovering that I actually have the capability to focus my thoughts and actions in specific ways to achieve a result that I feel in my heart of hearts is where I want to be. “I Can Be What I Will To Be”…  Personal Pivotal Needs… Definite Major Purpose… Shapes Colors…Recordings… Readings… SIT… I am whole, perfect, strong, POWERFUL, loving, harmonious, healthy, happy…

Haanel in 12-9 teaches this truth: ” This practical working method cannot come to you until you learn that the only real power which you can have is the power to adjust yourself to Divine and unchangeable principles. You cannot change the Infinite, but you can come into an understanding of the Natural Laws. The reward of this understanding is a conscious realization of your ability to adjust your thought faculties with the Universal Thought…”

From where I sit, this means I can’t complain or blame the Universe or God or anyone else for that matter for the results in my life. If things aren’t happening I must persist in my learning of correct/true principles (power), and persist in my execution of the faith based actions until I am living in compliance with the laws. May I  observe that the “submission” to the process that Mark J and the MKMMA team talk about in regards to the material and exercises is the same attitude that wise writings describe as humility, being teachable, as a little child…

Just be careful whose hand you are holding when playing with electric fences…

the POWER may shock you if you are not ready for it. 

Are you a TREE?

Week-11 Keep your eyes on the road

This week I am posting another members blog who like many of us have taken a few spills in life but have managed to get back up and start moving again. This is a shout out to everyone who continues to persist until they succeed.

Week 10/11/12 – I fell off my bike


Life and subby are pretty sneaky and relentless.
Please forgive if it seems like I’m jumping around the place. I will get to a point somewhere near the end of this. :-)
I have gotten messages from some of y’all, and I really do appreciate the comments and concerns. It truly means so much to me! Rest assured I am still here and still plugging away. Now to be totally honest, maybe not as much as I should of been. It really is true on how your subby creates situations to feed the addictions of certain feelings. Those damn peptides! So yes it still is an ongoing battle with that old blueprint.
I had made plenty of progress on the “off” week. Gave me a chance to catch up on certain things and sorta of charge my batteries. Things looking up again! Here comes the old blueprint again…
December has always been tough. Not because of the holidays or anything like that. The 21st is the anniversary of my mother’s passing. One of those things that on a yearly basis just knocks the wind out of me.


For the past four years I have been in a relationship with a firecracker of a woman. And I love the fact that her name is Hope. Life has definitely been a roller coaster.  For she is bipolar with manic depression. And yes, I was fully aware this when I entered this relationship. Another one of those subconscious things of getting into a relationship where I’m the one that has to provide and fix things. And end result is things get better, relationship falls apart. But on this case, there is no fixing it. Something I have never encountered before. Good and bad about this. Well actually bad. So while I’m here my peptides continue to get fed. And I know these peptides are not healthy for MY well being and letting my light come through. I know the disease she has is real and I know it is something that will never end. And I realized this as I would go visit her in the hospital this past week. So now I’m in a place where there is a constant cloud of negativity and despair.


So I’ve been sitting. And reading. And sitting. And more sitting. Many times away from home. In the car. At the park before a long hike. But sitting and listening. Each time hearing “Use the laws”. And believe me I have used all seven laws in the past couple of weeks. With four habits we call PERSISTENCE!
1. Law of substitution – every time Hope or myself get in negative situations, I think about our trip to the coast and we had such a wonderful time.
2. Law of relaxation –
With using the law of substitution, it automatically brought a state of relaxation.
3. Law of practice –
This one should be self explanatory. With as many moments of needing to use any particular law, I have gotten plenty of practice.
4. Law of forgiveness – forgive the things that have been said to me knowing that it cannot be helped.
5. Law of dual thought – attaching a feeling of gratefulness knowing that all of this is making me stronger.
6. Law of subconscious – having full faith that persistence will manifest conditions to get me through this.
7. Law of growth – with my DMP in hand and continuous reading, this already is manifesting.
So with these laws, I am digging in again.
On the last webby, Mark asked us to read our one sentence DMP for 50 minutes in front of the mirror. The amount of emotions that went through me in that short time frame is in one word, remarkable! I cried. I laughed. I got angry. And I cried again. All in all, it drove a deeper belief in me and saw chunks of concrete just falling off.
I’m back on my bike and not falling off it again!
Thank you for bearing with me through this blog! I love  all of you!


Week 10- Time to Let Go?

This week, I am honored to present another guest blog from a member who is clearly making headway on his journey. Check out Rex’s other wok here;

Week 10 – Love & Hate

I find it interesting how things tie together. Take the chapter in Og Mandino’s book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” regarding love and our feeble attempts to complete 7 consecutive days without pondering any negative thoughts as recommended by Emmet Fox in his “The Seven Day Mental Diet”. If we are able to maintain a loving outlook to everyone we meet, then the second part about negative thoughts is sort of moot. Harboring no negativity also gets us pretty close to loving everyone, however I feel that prioritizing the love side covers more territory.

7 days. Brief or eternity depends, as Andy Andrews would say, upon your perspective. 7 days on the beach sounds pretty good to me, but if I was homeless and starving it might not be my first choice of places to sleep.

Fortunately, we are in control of our attitude towards others, although many would argue that isn’t true. Forgive someone who has wronged you, and then forget you forgave. Never let the deed that crossed you enter your mind. It changes things, puts you in charge, it will make someone hold you in a higher regard. Love someone who doesn’t like you and again, it puts you in charge of the relationship.

In 1978 some idiot who was not really a friend, just a friend of a friend, climbed into my 1976 Chevy Blazer and floored the accelerator while the vehicle was in park. The engine was screaming, he was laughing, I was pissed, reached in and turned the key off. I was angry for years. Years! I would catch myself re-living the event, going through my mind how I should have handled it differently (which would undoubtedly ended in a fight where I was the underdog). My truck was fine, no damage. Nobody got hurt, but I was still angry.

I would bet $100 that he doesn’t even remember the event, nor would any of the other 5 or 6 people that were there (well, except form maybe my wife, who understood how angry it made me). So why has this bothered me all this time when he is oblivious? It is because I never forgave him.

Now I have forgiven him. It was a childish thing to do and I don’t hate my children for the childish things they have done. We are supposed to do childish things when we are children – that is how we learn. He just wasn’t as grown up as he looked.


One less thing to drag me off of my 7 day diet of no negative thoughts. Now, if I could only get rid of the rest of them……….

I love you, see you next week.

Day 68 of a 182 day journey

Week 9- Moving forward into the New Year

Wow, it is hard to believe that 2015 is almost over. In many ways It has been a year of creativity and development for me. Many new projects and ventures started and some of them abandoned for reasons of focus, or should I say lack of focus.

It is easy at times, to get into the flow of new ideas where things are coming at you quickly and the tendency is to be knee jerk reactive. This last 10 months I have found myself developing several new online digital marketing platforms and involved in a couple of outside product creation ideas. 

The results have been mixed, I have had great success in a couple of them and stumbled through others. The key for me I know is focus. I had been spending way too much time on too many plans and not focusing my intention clearly on one or two. The cost? yes you guessed it equals a loss leader overall.

Fortunately as I wind down this year I have narrowed my field and I am now laser focusing my attention on my foremost intention. It has led me to some great new discoveries about myself, maybe not new, but clearly an affirmation that I need to quit saying yes to every request for assistance outside of my field of focus.

You have heard me use the word focus here many times. It is a much more powerful idea than at times we might give credence to. Clarity of intention and clear directed attention will serve all of us in a much bigger way. Once you lose the distractions and truly get down to what’s important, all of a sudden you have more time to get things done for yourself and be of service to those who need you without losing site of your own goals.

I am genuinely excited for the New Year and my expectations are high.