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Week-8 A Coach Shares His Thoughts

We are now into week 8 of The Master Key Experience and things are really starting to develop for so many of the new members and Lifetime members alike.

Once a person reaches the point in this study where they begin to see that what they desire in life is available and attainable, doors begin to open up for them where there might not have been a door before.

Truthfully the doors have always existed, but for many of us we simply have not had the clarity of vision to see them. As this vision becomes more and more clear with time and practice, many things begin to unfold.

For this weeks member Read Knox it seems as if a long time passion has been revealed through a new set of lenses and a new vigor is enhancing the joy of his gifts.

Is there a greater gift that any of us can share with another human being than that of support, encouragement and our time?

For this coach I think it is very clear that his clarity of vision is becoming laser focused.

Check It Out Here;

Week- 7 Through The Eyes Of A Child?

This week,

I am honored to present another blog post of one of this years Master Key members, David Reyes. David is digging in and finding new ways to support his journey through the Keys. For some they may seem like childish exercises, but for others who understand that we are all inexplicably linked in this vast amazing Universe, they are not exercises at all. 

These are opportunities to expand their awareness of the beauty that is all around us. They are opportunities to break away from what society thinks is best for them and begin to lead a life on their terms, David is beginning to live his life by his own compass, not someone elses. Is there a greater gift that any of us can receive?

Check out the whole story here:

Week-6 Linking And Loving All

It’s week 6 of the Keys and I find myself becoming more and more focused on my own work and commitment to the exercises. Not that I have been lagging, but my focus has been with many new members in an effort to assist them with the development of their DMP’s, ( Definite Major Purpose). The collaboration has been both exciting and profoundly satisfying for me over these last several weeks. 

The time has come for most of these new members to be released from the overview process. They have developed beautiful, concise, powerful statements which when properly used will trigger their subconscious minds to manifest everything they want out of life. While the skills are always being honed and sharpened, they are well on their way to creating the life of their dreams and have started down the path of personal fulfillment through service to humanity.

They will all take different and unique paths to get there for sure, but knowing I was able to at least walk with each of them for a while as they set about their journey has been a life changing experience for me and I will always be grateful for the opportunity. 

This week I would like to share with you all one member who is diligently applying himself and doing the exercises necessary to acquire the skills. Check It Out Here



Week 5 Yum or Yuck? Hmm, which to choose

This years adventure into the “Master Keys” has been an invigorating and inspiring trek. We have just wrapped up week five and I continue to be inspired and learn from all of the new members who are truly putting forth the effort to change and effect their lives in a positive manner.

One such individual is Phil Sykes. Phil is a creative thought provoking student of the “Keys” and is demonstrating his willingness to dig deep into this course and create a new reality by simply changing the way he thinks. Hmm? sounds easy enough right?

Here is short excerpt from Phil’s humorous side. Caution; not to be taken lightly.

“If I am to be addicted to peptides… why not make them peptides that make me feel exceptionally, joyously happy.

“I can be what I will to be”…takes on new meaning for me. Choose the thoughts and the feelings, That’s Awesome news.

It’s like I have just discovered a new cookbook for the most exquisite peptide recipes in the universe, …on sale now at your nearest consciousness center. The ingredients for the recipes are already within you. But the highest quality ingredients are not free. Neither is shipping and handling… So, What have you chosen for dinner? YUM…or YUCK!

It’s Unanimous…I can be what I will to be…DO it now, do IT now, DO IT NOW!”

Welcome to Peptide-o-holics, Unanimous.

Enjoy the rest of Phil’s blog here