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Week-4 A Brilliant Life’s Lesson

This week,

I am pleased to be able to post one of our members blogs that is really digging in to get the most out of this experience. Clearly he is doing the work, and soon he will be reaping all of the rewards the Universe has in store for him. Here is a short excerpt from his blog post;

“Subby has a tendency to instantly make us feel a certain way in a certain situation, or carry on run-away thoughts on auto-pilot. We must be aware of this, and over-ride the default with our own conscious choice. Its like a never ending game of tug-o-war. But once we DECIDE what we’re about, and the subby starts taking notice, it will become the greatest friend we have..”

As Another Great Story teller often said, And Now, The Rest Of The Story-

Check it out hereThe 3X Reading Is Becoming Habit!

Week 3- Being The Observer Of Your World Is A Powerful Gift

Once again,

I find myself in awe of the discoveries that new members are finding out about themselves as they learn to become the observer in their own lives. At times it causes me to pause and reconsider my own life.

The ripple effect caused by their awakening will be an experience in their lives, their family’s lives and those around them that will be immeasurable, and have no logical end.

Learning to Become an observer is just one of the many gifts that members receive as they embark on their journey of self discovery through the “Master Key Experience”. While it may seem self evident to some, many of us have been mired in the muck for so long we are unable to see the light around us or find and understand the gifts of greatness we all possess.

Then one day, in one moment in time, we are inexplicable y presented with an opportunity that causes us to redirect our mindset, and suddenly a piece of that old cement begins to crumble and fall away. Such is the case for Dave Reyes, check it out for yourself.

Peace, Mac

the past the future


Week 2- A New Beginning

This second week into this years new “Master Key Experience” adventure has brought many new and exciting discoveries for both myself and many of our new members.

This year Dana and I are honored to be guides and are grateful to be able to witness the transformation of many new members who have embarked on their own journey. They will also find the most incredible place of discovery for  themselves, the world within.

This week, I would like to share one particular beginning.  Carl Hime has had a dream for many years. This week he is starting to feel the connection to the Universe. Some times something as simple as an email is all it takes. Take a few moments to celebrate his connection. Check it out here!