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Week-4 The Gift Of Ancient Thoughts, Does a Smile Count?

I received an extraordinary gift today, after my reading of lesson # 4 of the Master Key. In previous exercises, I have been relatively successful at sitting quietly and being still, eliminating all thoughts of doubt, fear or troublesome worries and letting my body and mind completely relax.

Today however, everything changed for me. As I sat enjoying the cosmic light show that goes on behind my eyes while getting into the rhythm of “I” the most amazing thing started to happen. I began to feel a warm glow at my core which slowly turned to a brilliant amber-colored sphere of light inside of me at my midsection. Suddenly, like a flood out of no where I was overwhelmed with ancient thoughts of my past, wonderful thoughts of family, friends and events in my life, all which had left a positive or joyous impression on my subconscious mind.

To know me, you would need to understand that, these are thoughts that I have had no recollection of for decades, buried deeply in my subconscious mind. Just as I have been unable to enjoy dreams for so long now, I do not recall the wondrous pleasures that they used to bring to me in years past. This event was truly startling to me, these thoughts and images came flooding back into my mind as if they were yesterday, I immediately began to smile, a smile which brought me tremendous pleasure, I must have been smiling from ear to ear but I was still in my zone.

At last these wonderfully warm impressions subsided and I began to awake to my conscious mind, when all  at once, a thought came to me that made me laugh out loud. My first thought as I came back to the surface of my conscious mind was of Haanel and Mark J. telling all of us in the first week that while we are learning to be still we can not fidget or even scratch our noses, we must master control of our bodies! before we can master our minds!..

I am still laughing at this question, I wonder if a smile counts? Peace, Mac

Week-3 The Vault

The Vault is without measure, it is infinite in proportion. Without the key, to even begin to grasp the enormity of the door to the vault is beyond the comprehension of mankind.

It is only through my daily consumption of the words in the scrolls and the constant development of good and proper habits that I will define the principles necessary for me to realize my bliss. I have begun my new journey with “neither the weight of unnecessary knowledge or the handicap of meaningless experience” My heart and mind are open to the possibilities and I commit myself 100% to the achievement of my goals and desires.

I do not fear nor do I stress about how I shall complete these goals, the key has taught me that the attainment of all objects of my desire will be presented to me in some form of practical application when the finite and the Infinite are one.

I have just now opened the door to this Vault and peering inside I begin to understand that it is not necessary for me to know it’s limitless dimension, It is only necessary for me to understand how to access it. There is a light shining brightly beyond my horizon, a light as bright as the sun, I will continue forward on my journey in search of this light and when I arrive at my true horizon, I will bask in it’s glow, because I know now it must truly be a sight to behold.

Stay the course, Mac

Week-3 Once is not enough

I have shared this link previously however, I realize that once is not enough. I encourage all who run across this post to check out the link below. This has nothing to do with your status in life, your particular chosen field of endeavor nor your socioeconomic background.

It is however, a journey of discovery about YOU. It is about discovering who you really are and what you want out of life. This has been a game changer for me personally, a way to help me connect the dots on a paint by numbers canvas that I have been outside the lines of most of my life.

I could tell you I wished I would have found it sooner in my allotted time here on the planet, but honestly I don’t believe I would have been ready to receive it, because I was too busy being me. This may or may not be for you, but you owe it to yourself to take a look. Ma halo, Mac.

Week-3 Destroy the Fear, Let the light shine

We have all experienced fear. Some have faced their fear in their darkest hour of addiction, others on the battlefield and still others at the prospect of becoming a parent and the responsibility that goes along with caring for and helping to shape the future of a newborn baby child.

Mankind has accepted fear as surely as we have accepted failure through out our existence. Fear for most of us has seemed like an important attribute to have in certain  situations in our lives, take for example the Fight or Flight response to a perceived threat, seems like a good response to have depending on your decision at the time and the outcome of that decision, but what if you make the wrong decision? there it is again, Fear raising its ugly head.

What if, all of that could change? What if you were able to connect to and harness a power within you, a power so great that it could literally rewrite your past and change the course of your future destiny enabling you to create any outcome you desire. A power so pure and all-encompassing, a power which pervades every single atom in you and everyone and everything around you. With a power so magnificent, fear or doubt could not possibly exist.

” When you find that you are really one with the Infinite power, and when you can consciously realize this power by a practical demonstration of your ability to overcome any adverse condition by the power of your thought, you will have nothing to fear; fear will have been destroyed and you will have come into possession of your birthright” Charles Haanel

This is the road I am traveling, peace be the journey to you.

Let your Light Shine Brightly. Mac

Week-2 The price must be paid

“Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just for leaving things as they are, a price for everything.” –Harry Browne

Yes, there is a price to pay for whatever you may want in life, however your ability to determine what that cost will be before setting out on your path is a kin to trying to capture the Great Northern wind or calm the rolling seas. This price that is spoken of is an unknown and as much an evolution as is your own personal journey.

The price will be revealed in increments as your path unfolds before you, your desire, commitment and constitution will establish this cost at every turn, hill and valley you encounter on your journey. If your philosophy and principles are sound and in harmony with the Source, what you owe will be ” a small price to pay for the happiness and success that will be yours”.

On your journey it will be vitally necessary to nourish the “Gate Keeper” with good and just habits to ensure the protection and expansion of the Source within you, fear not these requirements for through daily exercise of body, mind and spirit lay the furrows of fertile soil in which to plant the good seeds of habit.

Do not let the cost deter you from taking the first step, it is only by moving your mind and body forward one step at a time that you will arrive at your destination and ready for your next journey.

Week-2 There are only two types of people!

To be, or not to be, that is the question. My heart is telling me one thing and my subconscious is saying another. I will rely on a few new suggestions I have been given by fellow travelers on this journey, in an effort to build better stronger habits, new habits which will help me resist the old mindset, habits that will replace the old ways of thinking that have not served me. First I will be aware that resistance is real, both in its ability to derail you and in its power to put you back on track. Secondly, when I am faced with negative resistance, I will take a moment and look inward for guidance. It is in that special place where, I am able to clearly see the outcome of my choices.

Yes, there are only two types of people who started on this journey and as for me, I choose to finish. It is my sincerest wish that you also finish.

Week-1 The Journey continues

The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

A presence, a source a consciousness, an all-encompassing energy which pervades everything in the Universe. The individual and the Universal are one. Thought evokes this energy and only through thought can we  connect with the great essence of the Universe within in order to manifest that which we desire without.

  • Dharma (as the perennially fixed set of natural laws governing causation) presents the structure of rules which if understood correctly leads to natural or skillful action (dharma or kusala kamma) or if not understood and contravened leads to unskillful action (adharma or akusala kamma) with unfortunate consequences.

I have long-held the belief that we are all children of the stars, born into the cradle of Mother Earth and protected by the Universal Father. I do not subscribe to the beliefs I have found in most forms of organized religion because of their limiting beliefs.

I have always been very curious however that one religious group can define themselves as the one and only way to connect with the creator. Although I do not consider myself a student of religion my rational mind has to ask, why your beliefs? why not theirs? what makes yours the one and only? I have always felt that something was missing and lost in the translation over so many millennium.

I do not have the answer to these questions today, however I am leaning to ask more questions of myself daily and through this process will come to my own conclusions eventually as everyone has that right. This exercise is most definitely causing my subconscious mind to be more open and become aware of this Universal energy more than any other time in my life.