Monthly Archives: September 2014

Week 1- First Full Day of the Journey

Tonight I am tired, not from physical exertion as in years past but from trying to calm the roaring crowd noise in my skull. I have been a doer and a creator of things most of my life, built companies, created opportunity for others and provided products and services that have defined most of what and who I always thought myself to be.

I am starting to understand how small my thinking and in truth all of my accomplishments, have really been to this point in my life. It is not, that I do not take pride in those things that have shaped me over the years I do, I must, for they are all I have in my bank of self-worth. An account that has been overdrawn and empty for some time now.

I have allowed my own self pity and external influences not inline with my best interests to guide my thinking for far too long. Today my mind may be full of chatter, but it is a faraway noise that is starting to clear and define itself, I believe it may be my own thoughts I hear starting to connect after such a long silence. I must continue the exercises in order to rid my mind of the chatter and bring clarity to one voice, my own voice that has been silent too long. Perhaps, peace will be the journey after all.

Success to all, Mac

Week 1- Some kinda sick twisted mind games or what?

Where do I begin? Shortly after watching the first in a twenty six week series of webinars as part of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance pay it forward scholarship that I received from Mark J and the Fabulous Davene, my wife commented that, “the gutters are full of pine needles over the deck”

The next thing I knew I was on top of a ladder and clearing the obstruction just in time for the next downpour, wow. Suddenly I realized hey! that is not what a 58 year old professional procrastinator does, you don’t simply react immediately when the situation calls for it, you have got to ease into these things, safety first, take your time and  consider all of your options etc.

That’s when it hit me, Davene and crew must be using some sort of subliminal mind melding tactics that will cause you to get you off your butt and take action without you even realizing what is happening to you. This sort of thing if left unchecked could lead to a worldwide intolerance of procrastination, watch out you  might be next.

l consider it my duty to keep the world informed of the MKMMA teams activities, and I will continue to follow the lessons and do the exercises as required in the MKMMA program in an effort to keep my eye on what is happening back in Kauai as they are obviously seeking world domination. Stay tuned for my next broadcast.

Peace out, Mac

The days ahead

I am feeling very blessed and have much appreciation for Mark and Davene and their team for putting this altogether. I am also looking forward to taking this journey with my son Rory who was also blessed with a PIF Scholarship. I intend to make the most out of what I am taught.

Success to all, Mac

There is a change in the weather, something is happening here!

A short verse from a great song and one of my favorite musicians, blues man Mr. Buddy Guy. I am not sure what is coming over the horizon or even what to expect. I am sure I am ready for the next chapter and whatever that may bring. Like most people, I am no stranger to adversity. However, I feel a new sense of awareness in my life and will face whatever new challenges come my way with an open mind and open heart.

What ever your journey, embrace it. Success to all, Mac